10" mini skinny beaker bong with ice catcher




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The 10" Mini Skinny Beaker Bong with Ice Catcher has everything you need for an enjoyable smoking experience while not breaking the bank. The water pipe has a beaker design with a more narrow base and skinny neck. Even with the mini style, the bong is made with thick glass. A three pronged ice catcher is able to fit properly within the neck. The ice catcher cools your smoke before inhalation. At the top of the skinny straight neck is a flared mouthpiece. The flared mouthpiece gives you a comfortable place to put your lips and creates an airtight seal so no smoke escapes while you are hitting the bong. Inside of the 3.5" wide base is where the removable downstem is housed. This 3.5" 18mm to 14mm downstem is made entirely of clear glass, like the rest of the bong. The slits located at the bottom of the downstem diffuse your smoke to improve the taste of your smoke. The beaker design helps you build up more smoke before hitting the bong. The included 14mm male bowl fits snugly into the 14mm side of the diffused downstem. The bowl has a small ring around it and is deep enough for some hearty packs. The joint on the beaker bong itself protrudes out at a 45˚ angle. Although this scientific glass water pipe looks basic, the 10" Mini Skinny Beaker Bong with Ice Catcher is able to meet your smoking needs and exceed them. Did we mention the price tag?


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