14mm Male/14mm Female Drop Down Adapter


Grenco Science


Many In Stock


Drop down adapters are a great accessory for your bong or rig and help to keep heat further away from your glass piece. Too much heat on glass can add stress and damage your glass over time. Drop down adapters prevent that problem and offer a cheaper alternative than replacing your entire glass bong or rig. Drop down adapters come in a variety of sizes and genders so you can also use them to convert a bong to a rig and vice versa.

  • Keeps Heat Further Away from Glass
  • High Quality Glass
  • Adds Unique Look to Your Bong or Rig
  • Available in Several Sizes and Genders
  • Convert from Male to Female or Vice Versa
  • Joint Size: 14mm Male/14mm Female
  • Height: 3"

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