4 arm tree perc beaker bong




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The 4 arm tree perc beaker bong has many assets that will improve your overall smoking experience. To start off there is a 3.5" 18mm to 14mm removable diffused downstem that holds your 14mm male bowl or dome and nail and connects it to the 18mm female joint on the water pipe. This downstem diffuses your smoke and releases it into the beaker base. From here your smoke travels into the center of the tree perc and is released through each of the four arms. This furthers the filtration process for a tastier hit. Your smoke or vapor then goes through the splashguard. This feature blocks any unwanted water from your mouth. Directly above this is the three pinch ice catcher to give your smoke and vapor an icy taste to it. Simply place your lips on the flared mouthpiece for a comfortable airtight seal


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