45° Showerhead to Tree Perc Dual Chamber Ashcatcher



Bong Ash Catcher

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This ash catcher is a great accessory that can provide noticeable benefits to the smoker. As its name suggests, the primary role of this smoking accessory is to prevent ash from entering your water pipe. The second  is to begin the distilling process early, by filtering your smoke through both chambers before it even enters the glass pipe. Each chamber has a unique percolator, the first has a slitted showerhead perc and the second has a 7 arm tree perc with 3 slits on each arm for increased airflow. Both of these percs act as a means to cooling and filtering the smoke while the dual chamber design will catch any ash from your tobacco that passes through the bowl.

  • 45 Degree Angled Joint
  • 14mm or 18mm Male Joint
  • 14mm joint comes with 14mm bowl, 18mm comes with 18mm bowl
  • Dual Chamber Ashcatcher
  • Showerhead to Tree Perc
  • 4.5'' Inches Tall

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