4mm Thick Quartz Banger 14mm




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Long Lasting Low Temp

Quartz Glass Bangers are a great way to do big, low temp dabs. The quartz glass can withstand daily use better than soft, or even boro glass. We made sure to hunt down quality bangers that have a dense 4mm thick wall. The banger has a deep bucket and a large expanding downstem that fits directly onto your piece. The air path for these pieces is exquisite, and we know you will enjoy them. Find a four-millimeter thick Quartz Banger in your rig's joint size and angle for just the right fit and a perfect rip!

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  • 4mm thick quartz glass
  • 2 in arm length
  • 14mm Male and Female comes in both 45 and 90-degree styles
  • Angled bucket
  • Large airway for long draws

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