6.5" Geoffrey the Giraffe Bong




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6.5" Geoffrey the Giraffe Bong by Stash Lab Technologies - It Emphasizes ice catchers which enable you to add ice cubes in the neck of your bong. By doing this your smoke comes in contact with the ice extra cooling it down for a more comfortable hit.

Bongs that feature a greater number of percolators will accommodate you with a softer rip than a regular bong with just a spread downstem. A bong really matches a room together. But most importantly, bongs make for a mild, comfortable smoking experience. When bongs are too bulky, bubblers are the step to go.

• Height: 6.5 inches
• Joint size: 14mm female
• Four standing legs
• Colored glass
• Themed glass
• Polished joint
• Fixed downstem
• Deep bowl

Stash Lab Technologies - We offer the most innovative and unique smoking accessories on the market. We like to say 'there's a science of smoking' and that's reflected in the types of products we curate. We work intimately with a select group of suppliers and manufacturers to produce our customers the highest quality glass & gadgets.

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