9mm Tall Beaker Bong Gold




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9mm Tall Beaker Bong Gold

Standing an imposing 21 inches in height, this tall beaker bong from Illadelph is made in the USA from 9mm thick borosilicate glass. The piece is equipped with a black glass diffuser downstem with matching bowl slide and features ice notches at the base of the tube. This high-end tube is decorated with sophisticated golden decals and the iconic Illadelph logo down the length of the tube in striking gold print.

9mm Tall Beaker Bong Gold Features

  • American Borosilicate Glass
  • 9mm Wall Thickness
  • Diffuser Downstem
  • Ice Notches
  • FREE Illadelph / Santa Cruz Collaboration Grinder

Best Of The Best

This 9mm thick beaker is top of the line and symbolic of all Illadelph glass that is a cut above average by using only the finest American glass to craft exquisite waterpipes, The solid construction ensures strength and heat resistance, while the metallic gold decals make the piece both a party standout and genuine collector’s item.

Cool And Smooth

The flared beaker base allows for ample water capacity for filtration purposes. The diffuser downstem breaks up each hit into finer bubbles, increasing the surface area of the smoke allowing the water to work on it more effectively  for an even smoother toke. Hits can be further cooled by adding ice cubes onto the ice notches for a frosty, cool blast.

Party Piece

An ideal party piece, this 21 inch tube delivers smooth, milky hits to challenge any expert bong smoker. Load up the large bowl and pass this amazing tube around; a sure party winner and real conversation piece

Borosilicate Glass

The best bongs in the herb scene are made of high quality Borosilicate glass. This premium type of glass is much more heat resistant than other forms of glass. This makes it much less likely to fracture when in use. The process of its creation involves the addition of the chemical Boron which reduces the material stresses caused by temperature gradients.

Technical Specifications:

Brand Illadelph
Diffuser Slitted
Glass Thickness 9mm+
Height 531mm
Includes Joint Clamps / Keck Clips
Joint Female
Joint Size 18.8mm
Material Glass
Mouthpiece Straight

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