Alpha-CAT All-In-One Alpha Puff Kit



Puff Kit

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Swiss Army Bong

The Alpha Cat All-in-one Puff Kit is a device that is beyond short description. The Puff Kit covers all the bases. The kit comes complete with a grinder, a portable water pipe and a cleaning tool, storage compartments for your rolling cones, filters, papers, herb, and the Alpha TurboTorch lighter*.

Oh, did we mention that it turns into a bubbler? Pour some water in, screw on the mouthpiece and slide in the glass downstem. You are ready to toke hard and heavy on this brilliantly designed polycarbonate pipe. You can break down the Puff Kit into it's separate parts which make it is easy to clean with just soap and water, just remember to take out the papers and lighter.


  • Storage for papers with Alpha-cat rolling papers
  • Storage for filters with Alpha-cat filters
  • Turbo torch lighter
  • Storage for 3 pre-rolled
  • Storage for herb
  • Grinder
  • Glass downstem
  • Downstem cleaner
  • Portable waterpipe
  • *Ligher does not come filled

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