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Alpha puff kit by Alpha-cat - The AlphaPuff Kit™ has a well-designed storage chamber for your rolling cones, filters, and fragrant material. In addition, in order to maximize the kit to the absolute, we've even combined our Alpha TurboTorch lighter.

The AlphaPuff Kit™ is the all in one product for all your smoking demands. Our newly produced products include everything! The kit comes finished with a grinder, a manageable water pipe, an INEOS Lustran® ABS glass stem, and a cleansing tool.

Alpha-CAT believes in hemp’s potential to transit our current civilization into a new paradigm in which a balance is struck between earth and human activity. Our purpose is to develop the true information about hemp, scientifically known as Cannabis sativa L. Our intention is to reconnect people with nature, practicing innovation, intelligence, education, and positiveness.

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