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American Glass, Glow in the Dark, Blacklight Bong by ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH SCIENTIFIC GLASSWARE - are created from the exceptional German Schott on our glass blowing machines. The hues on the cover of this piece are Blue Pearls with Yellow Green & Blue Swirls. This Bong also produces a directly inject bullet percolator!

Our UV & LED Bongs holds a built-in backlight that brightens up the glow in the dark glycerin coil chiller! You don't have to be in complete darkness to comprehend the result - it's brilliant when you turn it on. The semi-transparent colored swirls at the head execute this bong a gem!

14mm Flower Bowl
Built-in Blacklight (batteries included)
14mm glycerin coil chiller

Rocky Mountain High Scientific Glassware - Our name “Rocky Mountain High Scientific Glassware™” appears from our passion of the outdoor and the ruggedness of Rockies. Feature hand was filled, glass smoking pipes, Dabbing Rigs and Glycerin Chillers. We desire you to hold the real Bongs, Oil Rigs and Glycerine Chillers accessible wherever, at the greatest attainable price point.

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