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Ares by Linx Vapor - has a 750mAh battery and two heat settings that toggle among high and low. This Vape Pen Device has two captivating tops at both ends of the mouthpiece and the heating portion, individually. It comes in a minimalist, sleek, stainless steel form that features the Ares’s clearness and style. The heating element the Ares is recognized for is constructed out of ceramic and heats up immediately when the triggering switch is fired.

Inside the box:
• 750mAh battery
• ceramic rod atomizer
• magnetic atomizer cap
• magnetic pen cap
• stainless steel sheath
• glass drip tip
• glass extracts container
• USB Travel Charger

Our vision was to create health awareness, smart and affordable vaporizer that could pass on taste. But we didn’t end up there, our whole product range is painstakingly crafted to provide you with the high-grade vaporizing practice possible. Vape wise, vape salubriously, vape Linx. Plastic occurred wherever and health resembled to be nearly a reconsideration. We kenned we could do great.

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