Art Glass Ufo Water Bong 14.5




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Art Glass UFO Water Bong 14.5

The UFO from Art Glass is a striking piece that looks out of this world. It’s spacecraft-like orb base gives it a massive water reservoir to cool your hits and give it a stable platform. Its curved cylinder makes it a joy to use.

Striking Design

The UFO has a fantastic retro-futuristic design that is strongly reminiscent of 1960s design aesthetic. It’s wide, spaceship-like orb base gives you a huge water reservoir and stable base while the curved cylinder neck means that it is incredibly comfortable and easy to use.

This piece would serve as a fantastic starter bong, offering a smooth smoking experience to newcomers. It’s striking design mean that it will stand out in any collection, so bong veterans looking to expand their collection would do well to pick up this fantastic piece!

High Quality Glass

Art Glass Bongs are good quality glass water pipes with fantastic functionality. They feature both classic and innovative designs. The average glass thickness of Art Glass bongs is 3.2mm, which is the same as the standard Little Sista made famous by Roor.

Comparable in quality to any of the more famous brands, this UFO is but a fraction of the price.

Technical Specifications:

Brand Art Glass
Downstem Length 91mm
Glass Thickness 3.2mm
Height 211mm
Joint Female
Joint Size 14.5mm
Material Glass
Mouthpiece Bent

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