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Atman KING Goldenfish Smoking Pipe by ATMAN VAPORIZER - ATMAN king goldenfish is further than a pipe, but a high and independent lifestyle. Additionally, the pipe is insanely simple to use. If you have any experience with a one-hitter or any sort of pipe, then you’ll know precisely what to do with the Atman King Goldenfish. A revolutionary piece metal pipe for a free leaf from ATMAN king goldenfish.

With the innovative design, ATMAN king goldenfish is armed like multi-functional pipe with easy smoke lifestyle and fit any lifestyle without slowing down. The excellent size let you simple to put in your pocket or handbag, while, it’s very simple to maintain. It really doesn’t get any simpler than this. When it comes to the original design and size of the pipe, it’s ideal for any situation. Easy Pipe, Easy Life.

Atman Vaporizers - An advance company that practices in making excellent high-quality compact electronic vaporizers since 2009. We use advanced technology to ensure unique designs and excellent production to our customers. All stocks are covered by our 1-year limited warranty, guaranteed that every product is good.

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