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Atman Mantis Metal Smoking Pipe -is a compact mechanical smoking pipe for dry herb and tobacco for everyday use. It can be distributed into 8 pieces, simple to fill and complete.

The modern design, no ash falling while burning, the best choice for convenient usage.

3.8ml for dry herbs and tobaccos.
eco-friendly aluminum, easy and compact.
Surfacing: Anodic hard oxide, top grade quality.
Detachable design, easy to construct, and clean.
Adaptable design
Bottom honeycomb cap.

Warning: When smoking, be mindful of pipe's heat.

Atman Mantis Smoking Pipe Kit:
1 x Atman Mantis Smoking Pipe

Atman vaporizers - An advance company that practices in making excellent high-quality compact electronic vaporizers since 2009. We use advanced technology to ensure unique designs and excellent production to our customers. All stocks are covered by our 1-year limited warranty, guaranteed that every product is good.

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