Atman OWAR Wax Vaporizer




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Atman OWAR Wax Vaporizer - ATMAN OWAR is the best manageable vaporizer manufactured with innovative technology and stylish design. Below the mouthpiece is the external shell which holds all parts of the Owar cooling to the touch through extended practice. The silicone mouthpiece slots into the top of the shell, which contains the mouthpiece securely against the head of the atomizer.

• tripel quartz coils and a ceramic plate
• Store your concentrate safely without a smell
• Beautiful color choices
• Smooth surface
• Silicone mouthpiece
• No leaking, no burning

Atman vaporizers - An advancement company that practices in making unique high-quality compact electronic vaporizers since 2009. We utilize excellent technology to secure unique designs and remarkable production to our customers. All stocks are covered by our 1-year limited warranty, guaranteed that every product is reliable.

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