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Atman Pretty Plus Vaporizer Pen - The Atman Pretty Plus Dry Herb Vaporizer Pen is produced in high tech, beginning with orange alert, to notify individual when it is available to vape, and remind us it is becoming hot, do not touch it immediately. When it stops operating and cool down to 100°F, it will be back to the usual color. It is in Pen style for dry herb, with 360° heating building chamber in ceramic mega volume for dry herb.

1. Slim vaporizer pen for dry herb
2. High tech design
3. Ceramic tank, secure true taste.
4. Heating structure 100% heating up
5. High drain lithium battery
6. Bottom Micro USB charging way.

Atman Vaporizers - An advance company that practices in making excellent high-quality compact electronic vaporizers since 2009. We use advanced technology to ensure unique designs and excellent production to our customers. All stocks are covered by our 1-year limited warranty, guaranteed that every product is good.

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