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Azos Beneficial Bacteria by Xtreme Gardening - Azos transforms nitrogen into a useful form that is easily accessible to the plant. Nitrogen is crucial for developing vegetative material and maintaining sufficient growth.

Azos encourages growth while increasing natural root development, and is an all-natural, growth promoting, Nitrogen-fixing bacteria model for cloning and transplanting. Of all the nutrients carried to plants into the soil, nitrogen is needed in the fabulous amount.

Xtreme Gardening - Was born with the aim to encourage a current generation of gardeners and farmers. Consolidates new technology with results from millions of times of natural evolutionary form, enabling us to give gardeners with the pure biology required for better plant growth. With Xtreme Gardening helpful microbes, gardeners are no longer defined by fertilizers and are ready to open their plants’ valid potential while attaining new levels of production.

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