Basic Bubbler Glass Hand Pipe 32mm



Hand Pipe

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Grav Labs - Basic Bubbler Glass Hand Pipe with Colour Accents.

The team from Grav Labs release yet another fine addition to their glass pipes collection with this vibrant glass bubbler hand pipe.

With a diameter of 32mm, these borosilicate made glass bubblers comes built with a built-in bowl and a x-cut diffuser downstem. This downstem helps create the bubbles that cools down the smoke for a more pleasant hit.

Don't let the size of these bubblers fool you, when in action these wonderful glass pipes give the user huge effective hits.

Grav Labs adds sublime coloured accents to multiple parts of the pipe including the mouthpiece, downstem and glass feet. These accents are available in a variety of colours.

Available in Black, Green, Purple, White and Blue. See dropdown.



Material Glass
Mouthpiece Pinched, Straight

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