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The Beta Omega is a larger recycler with complex percolation and expertly engineered functionality. An angle cut stereo perc flows into a Swiss-style sphere perc and then moves into a perfectly crafted Klein recycler that never makes drag an issue. Each and every aspect of this pipe has been carefully attended to.

All Beta glass is crafted by hand from thick five-millimeter German Schott Borosilicate tubing. All pieces are put through quality control checks, are adorned with the genuine 23 karat Beta label and is hand serialized with titanium. These pipes come beautifully packaged with a certificate of authenticity. 


  • Height: 9in
  • Base Width: 4in
  • 14mm Female joint
  • Made with 5mm German Schott Borosilicate Tubing
  • Angled Stereo perc
  • Swiss-style sphere perc
  • Klein recycler
  • Amber and Purple accents

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