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BioThrive by General Organics - BioThrive is a uniquely vegan plant food that comprises plant extracts, seaweed, and mined mineral derivatives. It is expressed to maximize vegetative increase by providing plants with a system diet that spurs healthy root and foliage growth.

BioThrive Bloom helps all species of plants through the flowering and fruiting stages of growth. This gives the basic nutrition that builds healthy vegetative, flowering, and fruiting germination. Through precise nutrition, we build a powerful frame for modern flower, fruit, and seed production. Use BioThrive Grow to provide all kinds of plants a great source.

• 1 Pint
• 1 Quart
• 1 Gallon
• 2.5 Gallon
• 6 Gallon
• 15 Gallon
• 55 Gallon

General Organics gives gardeners with a higher range of plant foods and appendices. Our responsibility is to give easy and innovative products of unique quality and enthusiastic regarding plants. General Organics products support your plants at any step of growth, no matter whatever planting mechanism you want.

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