Black Leaf HoneyComb Precooler with Inline Perc and 90 Degree Joint


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Black Leaf HoneyComb Precooler with Inline Perc and 90 Degree Joint

  • High-quality borosilicate glass
  • 12-slit inline percolator
  • Two honeycomb disc percolators
  • Decorated with Black Leaf HoneyComb decal
  • 18.8mm male joint placed in a 90° angle
  • Fits any straight bong with 18.8mm female joint
  • Fits any slide bowls with 18.8mm male joint
  • Bowl is not included and has to be ordered separately!
  • Doesn’t fit all beaker base bongs due to 90° angle!

This powerful precooler from Black Leaf is constructed from clear, heat resistant borosilicate glass and has been designed to keep unwanted ash and debris out of your bong water. The precooler is compatible with any straight tubed bong with a 18.8mm female joint and comes equipped with two honeycomb discs as well as a 12-slit, inline percolator that work together to deliver perfectly smooth hits.

The 18.8mm male joint connects at a 90 degree angle, which makes it perfect for straight tubed bongs. A sturdy stable glass bong is recommended due to the precoolers solid, reinforced construction and hefty weight!

The inline slitted diffuser separates the bubbly smoke as its pulled through the two honeycomb discs for further filtration and cooling all before it even reaches the bong. This three stage process ensures for a more enjoyable, full flavored hit that feels a lot less harsh on the throat and lungs. The precoolers 18.8mm female joint fits all 18.8mm male herb bowls, but a bowl is not included with your purchase; this has to be ordered separately. The front of this clear glass precooler is decorated with Black Leaf HoneyComb decal and a cool looking honey bee.

  • Manufacturer: Black Leaf
  • color: clear
  • Height: 13 cm / 5.1 inch
  • Joint Size: 18.8 mm
  • Percolator Type: Honeycomb Perc, Inline Perc


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