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Bolt Pro by Dabado Vaporizers - is the quickest and most long-lasting Bolt we have ever executed. This dominant device is the succeeding step up from a Bolt Kit and is ideal for the extra experienced extract users. This device highlights a bigger inner heating rod and Pro XL nails that multiplies the size of our regular nail dishes.

Heating Rod
Quartz, And Ceramic Nails
Replaceable Heating Rod

• 1 Bolt Pro
• 1 Case
• 1 18650 Battery
• 1 Glass Attachment
• 1 Pro XL Ceramic Nail
• 1 Pro XL Quartz Nail
• 1 Pro XL Titanium Nail
• 1 USB Charger
• 1 Magnetic Stand
• 1 Silicon Protector
• 1 Silcon Container

Dabado Vaporizers - At DABADO (duh/bah/dōh), we are heading the reform for superior vaporization of extracts with our compact vaporizers and technology. We build preferred, attractive and technologically superior products that agitate and redefine the future. The earliest to demand a portable, complete, electronic rig; we produce products that are not simply more efficient but also those that people can connect to pleasurable moments.

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