Cali Bags 16in Smell Proof Duffle w/Locking Zipper


Cali Crusher

Bong Bag

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The Cali Duffle Bag keeps all of your gear guarded and offers a robust storage solution for your entire stash. These bags come with a combination lock and provide a safe and 100% smell proof option. Each duffle has thick padding along with 3 padded compartments.

This larger 16-inch bag can store several pipes or your biggest bong. The fold open access makes retrieving your pieces easy and organizing your stash simple.

Each bag offers adjustable straps that "lock in place" all of your precious cargo. Cali Duffle Bags have been carefully engineered to fuse all the best features of popular storage bags into one. Travel with the best companion that won’t let you down.

  • 100% Smell Proof - Activated Carbon
  • Weather Resistant Materials
  • Combination Lock for Maximum Protection
  • Thick Padded Interior with Adjustable Straps 
  • 3 Storage Compartments
  • 1 Handle and Shoulder Strap For Easy Travel
  • 12in x 6in x 8in (interior measures 1" less than exterior)
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