Canna River - CBD Pet Tincture - Broad Spectrum Bacon - 200mg-600mg


Canna River

Cbd For Pets

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Giving your pets oral drops can be a pain in the neck. I mean, try getting a cat to do anything, much less having their jaws pried open so they can ingest a CBD Tincture. Canna River’s Pet Tincture blend is an ideal treat for both dogs and cats. And what pet doesn’t love the smoky taste of home-cooked bacon? Who knows – maybe your pet will warm up to this delectable and beneficial concoction. This product comes in three sizes that are proportionate to the size of your animal: the small size is designed for small dogs and cats who weigh up to twenty pounds, whereas the medium size goes for dogs who weigh in between twenty-one to fifty pounds, and the large option is an optimal choice for canine pals who weigh over fifty pounds. Taking care of your pets can be tough, but giving them a tincture can be a huge help. Why not give this bacon flavor a spin?

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