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This product contains less than 0.3% THC
60mg or 200mg(XL) of CBD per item

Euphoric Labs has developed the CBD oobie, made with the finest quality smokable herbs; infused with 99% pure pharmaceutical grade CBD isolate.

To further simulate an authentic CBD experience, our scientists have enriched each CBD oobie with the Jack Herrer terpenes profile. Our CBD is made from 100% industrial hemp and contains no THC, which makes it legal in all 50 states. Euphoric Labs uses the most potent CBD, and each cone is intended for at least 3 sessions, or can be shared with a few friends!

The benefits of using CBD oobies vary from person to person, but generally, benefits may include: Mood Enhancement, Relaxation, Sleep aid, Calmness, Stress relief, intensification of Euphoric vibes and an increase of overall wellness. 

Why you should buy a CBDDoobie 

The CBDDoobie is a smokeable CBD product made using extracts from high-quality industrial hemp-derived CBD-isolate. This premade joint is fantastic for those who either cannot roll or haven’t got the time, but want to enjoy their CBD via the old-school smoking method. Because the CBDDoobie is made using CBD-isolate, consumers are ensured a reliable, relaxing non-psychoactive experience. 

The guidelines suggest that each CBDDoobie cone contains enough herb for a minimum of three sessions. Being able to adjust how much you take each time you smoke is perfect for those who like to experiment with different doses of CBD. Research has shown that the effects of CBD can differ slightly depending on the dosage, with smaller quantities tending toward an energizing and concentration-enhancing feelings, and larger amounts providing a more sedative effect.

Why the CBDDoobie is non-psychoactive

Most people associate smoking a joint with getting “high”, but the CBDDoobie is not like any traditional joint. The hemp extract used to make these cones is dominant in a cannabinoid called cannabidiol (CBD), and contains none of the delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is present in most strains of marijuana, and is required to make a strain psychoactive. The doobie is made by combining pleasant smokable herbs with 99-percent pure CBD-isolate. There are no surprise compounds in this product, and therefore no mental or physical impairment. 

The CBDDoobie is a suitable choice for CBD users who want full peace of mind that they aren’t going to be in danger of failing a drugs test from taking it.

What are the benefits of smoking CBD?

We hear a lot in the media about how smoking is bad for you, and while there are certainly health risks to be aware of, the same could be said about drinking choice. Ultimately, whether somebody wants to smoke hemp is a personal decision. 

Smoking is not necessarily about style, either. There is a super-fast reaction time when smoking or vaporizing CBD, and the inhalation method is unmatched when it comes to speed of delivery – this is crucial for capitalizing on many of the therapeutic benefits of CBD. 

Imagine that you suffer from neuropathic pain, a condition which can stay silent for hours, but strike with a vengeance in a matter of minutes, leaving you with severe discomfort, which instantly affects your mobility. In such a situation, there’s no value in having a treatment that does not begin to offer relief for an hour or more. However, a smokable product, such as the CBDDoobie, can give you that relief in just a handful of minutes. And as the effects are noticeable in a short space of time, you’ll know when you’ve consumed a strong enough dose, which allows to use CBD both efficiently and economically. 

Maybe your problem is not mental, but physical, like anxiety – this is another case where the rapid onset of effects is a distinct advantage. As with neuropathic pain, the symptoms of anxiety are acute and often unforeseeable. When a panic attack starts and you get mired in overthinking and other detrimental thought patterns, it’s essential to bring back psychological calm as soon as possible. The CBDDoobie is well-poised to do the trick.

Terpenes boost the effectiveness of the CBDDoobie

At CBDVapeJuice.net, you can purchase a CBDDoobie with a Jack Herer terpenes profile. Terpenes are a classification of compounds, separate to cannabinoids, that are present in strains of hemp and cannabis. Perhaps best-known for instilling a strain with its aroma, flavor and character, terpenes also have some great health benefits, and can help to amplify the effectiveness of CBD, as part of the ‘entourage effect’. Without getting bogged down in the science, the ‘entourage effect’ is a synergistic reaction which, thanks to the minor interactions that take place between hemp compounds in the body, increases the overall potency of a strain or extract.

Enhance your overall wellness with the CBDDoobie

Maybe you haven’t got an illness that you want to find a natural-based treatment for, and are just looking for a product which can enhance your overall wellness, in a similar way to how vitamins, minerals and omega-3 supplements do. The CBDDoobie is well worth experiencing if so, as it can have an eye-opening positive effect on your psychological and physical state, with CBD regulating one of the body’s most crucial systems of chemicals and receptor proteins: the endocannabinoid system. 

This system should be kept in check and nurtured often – researchers are now uncovering that the endocannabinoid systems affects the health of our immune system, our mood and appetite levels, skin quality, cognition, levels of the stress hormone cortisol, how much pain we feel and more. Encouraging a balance here may be vital for good health. 

Please note, this content is not medicinal advice – CBD products have not been evaluated by the FDA.

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