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Clearex® by BOTANICARE - was created for the periodical rinsing and expulsion of excess salt accumulation in container gardens and hydroponic methods. It is an isotonic drenching solution that unfastens the ionic connection among the nutrient and the soil or soilless plant substrate, correcting the obstacle of nutrient salt toxicity and lockout, enabling plants to grow again.

Pre-harvest methods with Clearex can improve flavors and enhance yields in fruits, vegetables, and culinary herbs helping plants to treat these excess nutrients. Clearex can also be applied at the end of a crop’s maturity sequence to trigger the current generative stage of the plant making it to treat and understand within deposited nutrients.

• Prevents irreversible wilting.
• Isotonic
• Triggers last reproductive stage
• Enhances flavor

Botanicare is devoted to producing superior products, expert advice, and support to help growers provide better crops. After 20 years of change, and studied we have perceived the industry and our blossom Company. We are committed to finding new methods to encourage growers to do what they do completely - grow.

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