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Cosmos Vaporizer by VUBER - The Vuber Cosmos is a reliable but powerful dry flower vaporizer meant to go anywhere you take. Directed with conduction heating and shifting temperature regulator, the Cosmos provides both full flavor and great vapor from your dry material. USB rechargeable and effortless to clean. An innovative and reliable way to consume oil. The oil reaches through our patent-pending glass filtering system, only delivering vapor through, assuring the tastiest vape of any cartridge on the market. Created to perform powerful dabs on the go.

The VUBER team believes cannabis and views vaporization as an effective way to employ cannabis for both therapeutic and recreational ideas. Vuber is pleased to allow a cannabis delivery system that is portable, comfortable and discreet. We are a family-oriented business developed from the ground up and we live true to those roots while continuously innovating and trying to improve our products in composition and functionality.

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