Dabburyegg XL




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Dabburyegg by ADAPTERRLMAN - Natures incubator design guaranteeing you will get the best characters while keeping your dab cool. Assuring your dabs don't go into the wrong hole or miss the dish perfectly. The Finest Quartz The Industry Has To Offer. Enabling you to take low temp dabs giving you the maximum flavors and influence during your sesh. Very enduring, easy heat, retains temps for good dab hits throughout. The idea does help with comprehensive product burn so there is less waste.

• Egg Shape
• Narrow opening
• 3mm Wall
• Pure Quartz

Adapterrlman has concentrated in quartz dabbing nails for 8 years, founded by Dave a ganjaprenuer who was running a flourishing dispensary before the man abruptly put it to an end. With over 18 years of experience, he's always been ahead of the curve but never been given proper identification the first year his state was going to hold a Cannabis Cup.

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