diffused downstem to tree perc straight tube




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This straight tube by Medicali Glass provides a fantastic user experience thanks to its dual perc design and added functional features. Starting at the bottom, this 14.5" tobacco bong sits on a thick circular flared base that provides a stable stand for any surface or table. In the lower chamber is a removable 4.5" 18mm male to 14mm female diffused downstem that gives this straight tube a 14mm female joint. The slits at the end of the rounded downstem start the percolation process. The upper chamber holds a large 8-arm tree perc with two slits on each arm to finish the filtration of your smoke. The neck contains two convenient additions that make your smoking experience even more enjoyable. The already cleansed smoke passes through the domed splashguard, which eliminates any splashback and keeps all of the water inside the tobacco bong. Above the splashguard is a 3-pinch ice catcher that takes the distilled smoke and cools it for tasty smoke with every hit. As a final touch, a flared mouthpiece exists to create an airtight seal and add comfortability. Medicali decals are spread throughout the straight tube, while there is also a removable branded Medicali platinum sticker to verify its authenticity. This bong comes with a 14mm male bowl with a polished joint and it is proudly made in the USA by Medicali Glass


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