Edit Pid Temperature Controlled E-nail Kit With Remote Control



E-nail Kit

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In a Nutshell

  • Remote control included
  • E-nail adjustable up to 1800 degrees
  • Includes coil nail and carb cap.

Electric Dab E-Nail | EDIT PID E-Nail

The EveryoneDoesIt PID temperature controlled e-nail is finally here! Stoners all over the world are quickly realising that using concentrates with an E-nail is the best way to consume your herbs because it gives better flavor, better effect and it's healthier than smoking the entire plant.

What exactly is an E-nail ?

An E-nail (electronic nail) is an electronic device used to precisely measure and heat up a dish, usually made from titanium or quartz glass. E-nails are preferred over regular non E-nails because of the exact customisation  of temperature being provided to the dish. By using an e-nail you can always vaporize your favourite concentrates at the absolute exact same temperature every time! E-nails are the way of the future for dabbing.

How to use the EDIT E-Nail

E-nails take dabbing a stage further than the usual method which involves a blow torch being used to heat up your nail to a temp where it can vaporize your oils. An e-nail removes the torch and replaces it with an electronic coil which heats up your nail to a precise temperature and maintains that temperature constantly regardless of how many times you drop a dab on it in quick succession.

EDIT E-Nail - Vapor Quality

The E-nail gives perfect consistency and flavor thanks to the way it keeps your nail at a consistent temperature and you can adjust the temperature in 1 degree increments all the way from 0 degrees up to 1800 degrees fahrenheit either by the buttons on the front or via the remote control provided with the unit. It comes complete with a titanium e-nail with matching carb cap, a 16mm coil for heating the nail which has an aircraft grade plug for attaching to the control unit, the e-nail control unit itself, a remote control for the control unit and a metal carry case to keep it all stored in when it isn't in use.

The thing that normally puts people off e-nails, especially home plug-in ones, is the cost. Most E-nails will cost at least a few hundred dollars and, to anyone sensible, that is a lot of money. This new e-nail from the EDIT Collection is great value for money and costs less than half of many others on the market while still offering all the features they offer and more. Grab yourself a bargain today and get into the dabbing revolution with the EDIT PID Temperature Controlled E-Nail.

Technical Specifications:

Height 77mm
Includes E-nail, Heater Coil, Titanium nail, Carb cap and Power supply
Nail Style Titanium
Power Supply Mains
Width 97mm

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