Dab Rigs Empire Glassworks - Black Hole Rocket Rig

Empire Glassworks - Black Hole Rocket Rig

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Blast off into space with this amazing dab rig by Empire Glassworks! It features a solar system being pulled into a dark sun that has become a black hole. 5 orbiting plants encircle the black hole and a passing rocket ship serves as the mouthpiece. This fig features a 3 hole 10mm removable downstem and 10mm female opal adorned dome + nail. The superb function is amazing for a rig of it's size. Made of high quality scientific glass by Empire Glassworks in California.

  • American Made Glass
  • Space Theme
  • Diffused Removable Downstem
  • 10mm Female Oil Dome
  • Opal
  • 5.5'' Inches Tall