Bongs Empire Glassworks - Coconut Colada Mini Bong

Empire Glassworks - Coconut Colada Mini Bong

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This amazing Empire Glassworks Coconut Colada Mini Bong allows you to toke up until you feel like you are on a beach somewhere, drinking a tropical drink! This bong really looks good enough to drink out of though, with its elegantly worked glass and details. The body even emulates the fuzzy exterior of a coconut. A small blueberry and strawberry are featured towards the front of the water pipe. Both are detailed with the strawberry's green leaf top and the blueberry's end sticking out of the top. A large lime garnish is stuck into the rim of the coconut and a drink umbrella completes the tropical refreshment look. The mouthpiece is in the shape of a straw. The Coconut Colada Mini Bong has a 14mm female joint connected by way of a banger hanger design. Made in California!

  • Made in California
  • Coconut Design
  • 14mm female joint
  • 14mm male bowl
  • 5.5 Inches Long
  • Fixed Downstem