Extra Strength Dragon's Blend 2oz.




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Extra Strength Dragon's Blend 2oz by Medicine Farm Botanicals - Extra Strength Dragon's Blend, Oregon's best-selling thematic, is greatest used for tension-relief. The same excellent formula as Dragon's Blend, 2X the strength.

Dragon’s Blend is our flagship product. It is quite applied when experiencing nerve pain, arthritis, muscle tension, internal pains, bruising, and joint pain. For optimal consequences and faster improvement, apply before and after any vigorous physical activity. It denotes changing from beard oils to face serums intended to slow the aging method as well as different balms to combat skin diseases, nasal congestion, cramping, and many other disorders.

Medicine Farm Botanicals - Originally established in 2011 outside of Bend, Oregon, Medicine Farm Botanicals has been contributing cannabis-infused merchandises to the state of Oregon since the OMMP (Oregon Medical Marijuana Program) days produced. Our aim from the origin was to provide a regular cannabis product to reduce the daily aches, pains, and ailments that affect us all. In 2017, when the state of Oregon became recreational, Medicine Farm Botanicals moved to Eugene to better service the state of Oregon.

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