FORCE - Pure Convection Vaporizer for Dry Herb, Oil and Wax.




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FORCE - Pure Convection Vaporizer for Dry Herb, Oil, and Wax - Is a classic convection vaporizer with patented - Convection Air Heating Technology. This indicates that the air is warmed below the chamber and reaches through your herb as you take a draw.

The heat is evenly spread throughout your herb - providing you unbelievable flavor and a very consistent large cloud of vapor. We examined all the convection vaporizers on the market and we found nothing even close to the vapor production and variety that you get from the FORCE.

Healthy Rips Vaporizers - Our Purpose is to enhance your physical, mental and emotional health. There are many proven medical and health advantages of numerous herbs. We are a dedicated group of health-conscious people that are decided to promote safe & healthy high-end vaporizers at a price everyone can manage.

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