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G Card by G Pen (Grenco Science) - 1 G Card is standardly involved within each G Pen Elite, G Pro, and G Pen Ground Material. The G Card operates a multi-level steel surface to break down dried leaves.

Grenco Science is pleased to offer the new standard in portable vaporization, the G Pen Pro. Intended for use with dried herbs, the G Pen Pro embodies the excellent juncture within form and function, offering industry-leading content with a price point below $100. A practical grinder, the G Card manipulates a multi-level steel surface to crack down dried leaves.

The earliest to market a tank system particularly intended for individual aromatherapy regimen, Grenco Science™ combines superior functionality with the help of transportability. Grenco Science starts at the forefront of ability and capacity, harmoniously engineering the very advanced, user-friendly portable vaporizers in the world.

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