Gas Mask Bong with Bent Acrylic Tube | Rasta

Gas Mask Bong with Bent Acrylic Tube | Rasta

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This awesome red, yellow and green rasta colored gas mask bong comes with adjustable head straps that enables the mask to fit almost any head comfortably. This colorful gas mask bong is the perfect piece to pull out at a party to impress all you friends with and due to its portable design and use of rubber and acrylic will last for ages with the risk of damage.

The acrylic tube is detachable so you can safely attach any tube or steamroller pipe with a similar tube diameter into the masks filter hole. The tube is slightly bent for easy use and the metal herb bowl is securely held in place with a rubber ring. The black plastic mouthpiece is detachable and feels comfortable to use for long periods. The end of the bent tube is decorated with an image of two flaming eyes.

To use the gas mask bong, simply load the herb bowl with a dry herb or tobacco mix of your choice, securely fasten the mask onto your head with the adjustable straps, fire it up and inhale with the mask firmly pressed against your face. Please ensure that you always close your eyes when using this bong or wear a pair of swimming goggles to stop the smoke from going in your eyes as it swirls around in the mask. For best results we recommend that you place a metal screen in the bowl to prevent unwanted ash and herb crumbs from moving into the water.

This durable and portable Rasta color gas mask bong is super easy to clean and maintain and is available to purchase today while stocks last at the number one smoke shop.

  • Adjustable head straps
  • Rasta color theme
  • Removable metal herb bowl
  • Herb bowl held in place with rubber grommet
  • Use with metal screens
  • Easy to clean
  • Bent acrylic tube with decal

Brand JM Plastics
Material Acrylic
Color rasta colors