Grow Daily Driver 12" Glass Bong with Ice Catcher




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Grow Daily Driver 12" Glass Bong with Ice Catcher by Grow Glass - Produced from the elegant materials, this glass water pipe is manageable, strong and packs a big punch. The DailyDriver 12″ water pipe is our flagship piece and a beautiful piece to attach to your everyday use set.

And it's simple to keep neat & secure which is a plus for everyday smokers like us. You can quickly clean a stuck or clogged downstem by solely raising the downstem & managing it below flowing water until it clears.

At Grow Glass, we won’t market you anything that we wouldn’t be pleased to have on our shelf while not cutting the budget. Whether you’re looking for an affordable daily-use piece or a particular occasion beauty- we’ll have something for you. We use all excellent glass and wood and follow significant construction guidelines in order to provide permanent and reliable pipes & associates.

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