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Growilla® Nutrients - Growilla Veg was formed to give the perfect ratio of macro and micronutrients each preferred for their capacity to promote vigorous, lush, vegetative growth. It is light to use natural and organic plant food, for application during the vegetative growth phase. Growilla Veg Food as a part of standalone plant food in your garden or with your preferred supplements.

Growilla Bud was intended to be manageable and useful, reliably producing what plants lack for improved soil structure, improved flower growth, and risen nutrient uptake. Many sources of guano, fish meal, earthworm castings, and other spontaneous inputs produce a wide range of food sources for plants and helpful microbes. Natural and organic ingredients, no Fillers, and easy to use.

Botanicare is devoted to producing superior products, expert advice, and support to help growers provide better crops. What started as an innovative plant nutrient, Pure Blend, fermented in the Arizona store has evolved into Botanicare. After 20 years of innovation, vision and unconventional thought we have seen the industry and our company blossom. We are dedicated to finding new ways to encourage growers to do what they do best - grow.

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