"Gunbai" Honeycomb to Showerhead Ashcatcher


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Ash Catcher

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Keep your bong clean and increase filtration!

Adding this "Gunbai" Honeycomb to Showerhead Ashcatcher to your water pipe is a great upgrade. Featuring two different percs, including a showerhead perc and honeycomb perc, your smoke is filtered twice before passing into your bong. This ashcatcher comes in all different joint sizes and joint angles to fit any size water pipe. Be sure to select the correct joint size and angle that fits your piece. You can also choose between a black or clear showerhead perc. If you have don't have an ashcatcher on your water pipe you are seriously missing out.


  • Ronin Glass Ashcatcher
  • Choice Of Joint Sizes
  • Choice Of Joint Angle
  • Keeps Your Bong Clean
  • 18mm Joint
  • 45° Joint
  • 90° Joint
  • Thick Glass
  • Fits Female Jointed Pipes
  • Ronin Glass Decals
  • Keeps Your Bong Clean
  • Clear Glass
  • Showerhead Perc
  • Honeycomb Perc
  • 14mm Joint
  • 18mm Joint

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