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Hemplify Vitality Elixir by Tinley Beverage Co. - Tinley™ Tonics Hemplify ready-to-drink Hemp Extract Elixir has spectrum hemp oil with terpenes and other whole-hemp stalk components. additionally, vitamins and electrolyte potassium for regular vitality. A ground-breaking drinkable hemp support product that blends delicious fruit characteristics with spectrum hemp oil.


Hemplify has created one of the first functional beverage-style supplements to contain hemp extract, a rapidly developing consumer category. While utmost hemp food and beverage products are manufactured from hemp seed, hemp extract is made from hemp stalk. Hemp stalk has terpenes, vital oils, and non-psychoactive hemp plant components that are increasingly the subject of scientific research.

In three natural fruit flavors. Single-serving, 10oz. bottle, 6 pack.

The Tinley Beverage Company with a mission to accommodate customers enjoy cannabis in familiar, classic beverages, dosed to perfection. Tinley maintains it’s time for a new, healthy and delicious way to enjoy the profits of smoke-free cannabis. Tinley empowers patients to medicate with high-quality products that are motivated by familiar, classic drinks.

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