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HONEY® Premium Cartridge, Sour Diesel - is an exhilarating Sativa-dominant strain designated after its pungent, diesel-like aroma. CO2 cannabis oil extract. The containers are built to be applied with rechargeable vape pens. Initiated with Natural cannabis Oil - grade: 80% + THC Our 'honey' Tanks are pre-filled cartridges.

Sour Diesel can be narcotic, so you adequately guard out if you have a low susceptibility for cannabis. This fast-acting strain accouches stimulating, idealistic results that have started Sour Diesel to its traditional state. Pain, tension, and depression fade continuously in a long-lasting release that executes Sour Diesel the best option between medical patients.

In 2013, HONEY® remodeled the cannabis trade as the prime global producer selling full spectrum, distilled cannabis oil in Vape cartridges. Outputs add fresh mapped™, ensemble infused, THC and Development to the name, disposal support. HONEY® is an accredited California adult usage and therapeutic cannabis corporation selling the softest, great tasting, refined and real cannabis oil.

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