Honeybird Survival Kit




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Honeybird Survival Kit by NECTAR COLLECTOR - A genuine survival kit for those dabbing on the go, Nectar Collector has your back! The manageable torch does the trick warming up the quartz straw for nice dab mellowed out by the water bubbler affection. The profiles of the dish make all of the concentrates convenient to the Honeybird Tip.

After several years of concentrated field testing in some of the hardest environments on earth, we're proud to offer the Honeybird Survival Kit. Tough, easy to manage, and highly functional; this is a must have for your next experience.

Nectar Collector - As the inventors of this genre of vaping it are our purpose to represent the cutting edge of vertical vaporizing tools and techniques. Much appreciation and happy dabbing. Here at Nectar Collector, we are dedicated to producing you the greatest vertical vaporizers and associates in the world.

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