Implosion Marble Mini Bong

Implosion Marble Mini Bong

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  • 6 inches
  • 14mm female joint
  • Bent neck
  • Bong under $100
  • Marble in water pipe for cosmic aesthetic
  • Accented glass above and below water chamber

The Implosion Marble Mini Bong delivers outstanding, great-tasting hits at half the size of a normal bong. Featuring a beautiful marble inside the water chamber, this bong is also visually impressive.

Despite its small size, the Implosion Marble Mini Bong will filter the harsh qualities out of your smoke for smooth, cool hits. As you begin to inhale the smoke, it will flow from the bowl, through the joint, and into the

water chamber

. The water will diffuse the smoke, allowing you to take great-tasting hits.

The bent neck of the Implosion Marble Mini Bong plays a vital role in helping you to enjoy your smoking experience. First, it serves as a splash guard, preventing water from the chamber from going up through the tube during smoking sessions. However, the bent neck also makes for a comfortable gripping point, allowing you to pass around your piece with ease.

While not as small as a bubbler pipe, the Implosion Marble Mini Bong was strategically crafted as a travel size piece. At only 6 inches tall, this is the perfect piece to bring on Toker road trips, or to a friendu2019s house across town. However, this outstanding water pipe also works great as a daily smoking piece. Itu2019s also the perfect size for

smoking while away at school


Although it is intended for use with dry herbs, the Implosion Marble Mini Bong can also be used with concentrates. In order to convert this water pipe to a dab rig, remove the bowl and replace it with a

quartz nail


With a marble positioned in the middle of the water pipe, the Implosion Marble Mini Bong gives off a cosmic vibe that will elevate your smoking sessions to the next level. The accented glass above and below the water chamber ties the piece together.