Incredibowl m420 Steamroller




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Is That a Steamroller in Your Pocket?

This is the little steamroller that could. The features on these steamrollers from Incredibowl are relentless. The half-gram bowl at the end of the piece is perfect to rip through in one big draw. The tube part is Polycarbonate, which is incredibly heat resistant and nearly indestructible. We've been using and selling this pipe for years and it was one of the first pipes we chose to carry in our shop because of its durable construction and smart design.

The Incredibowl is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and comes in several attractive colors. The rocket scientists over at Incredibowl designed the M420 with the cannabis enthusiast in mind. By itself its the most intense steamroller you've ever used, but when you start to attach accessories to it you can use it as a bubbler, or even a regular bong bowl. When you pull the air intake on this piece the hit is injected into your face at hundreds of miles an hour. You'll love it.

Replacement parts kit can be found here.


  • Length: 5 in
  • Indestructible pipe
  • Springloaded Carb for quick hits
  • Polycarbonate Body
  • Machined Aluminum Bowl Protector 
  • Removable Glass Bowl
  • UPGRADE! Check out the m420 Trigger Release System

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