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IndigoPro Vaporizer Graphite by IndigoPro - It has (320mAh Li-ion) battery gives clean vapor with no raged taste; 8.5 W power making, 300mA (1.5W) charging flow; Micro USB rechargeable. It is durable, virtually-unbreakable magnesium metal body and permanent. It comes with naturally-flavored oils are high potency, refined distillate oils.

This purity yields for crafting a unique smell, flavor and encounter form into each cartridge. The method is improved by the control of naturally-derived non-cannabis terpenes, combined to mimic the molecular composition of particular strains connected with safe natural flavors.

This includes Graphite Vaporizer, Carrying Case, Micro USB Charger, & User Guide.

IndigoPro - An advanced vaporizer technologies manufacturing excellent cannabis oils in the market. Provides a high-quality product and offers a discreet, clean and well-packed to cannabis advocates.

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