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IndigoPro Vaporizer - Indigo is a durable vaporizer, virtually-unbreakable magnesium compound body and long-lasting 320mAh Li-ion battery that gives pure vapor with no burnt taste; 8.5 W power output, 300mA (1.5W) charging current; Micro USB rechargeable. It gives a soft, light draw that reverberates discretely to let you understand it’s working,.

IndigoPro’s Features & Benefits:
Magnetic, leakage-repellent ceramic cartridges, leap on & away for ease of use
Draw indicator discreetly reverberates when stimulated
Durable outer casing, essentially durable under regular use
Absolute vapor with no raged taste
Cast from a variety of flavored artisanal oils
long-constant battery, vapes while charging
Accommodates small carrying/storage case

IndigoPro’s Advanced Vapor System the Farm’s work cannabis in Boulder, Colorado innovates ceramic atomizer cartridge technology emphasizes the absolute cannabis nectar, CO2.

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