k-vape vaporizer - 24k edition




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The 24K edition isn't just about looks; it also works really well. Regarding its functional performance, it is one of the best vaporizers in its class. For instance, it utilizes 3 preset temperature settings: 360˚,380˚,420˚F. You will have no trouble at all finding your vaporizer sweet spot. If you are somebody who like to vape with more efficiency, this vape will allow you to do that if you gradually increase the temperature as you vape. On the other hand, you can speed up the process of vaping by using the highest temperature throughout the whole vaping session. All you need to do is insert your dry material into the spacious heating chamber, set to your desired temperature, and start vaping! The K-Vape is super intuitive and very user friendly, making it an ideal choice for those looking to purchase their first vaporizer, who don't want to deal with a huge learning curve. Vaping is supposed to be a relaxing and enjoyable activity, but it does not feel that way when you are confused about how your vaporizer works. Though the technology in this vaporizer is advanced, it is not complicated to use. In other words, you are getting your money's worth in terms of technology, without luxury of simple operation. Beyond the technology and functionality of this wonderful vape pen, it includes a countless number of accessories. Among these accessories are a USB charger, mouthpiece sleeves, mouthpieces, and a cleaning brush. Instead of having to go out and buy these necessary vaping accessories, they are already provided for you within this amazing vape kit. There is also an included grinder and tray for your convenience. Both the tray and grinder are highly functional and stylish. They have a gold and black color scheme. The grinder has the Kandypens logo printed on the magnetic top, while the tray has the words "Stay Vaped" printed on the base.

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