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KPEN v2 Infusions Banana Smoothie by Kurvana - Banana Smoothie is 22% CBD, the essential they offer. It’s also 22% THC. Then this oil gives a punch. It comes by a sweet tropical flavor and mouth-watering smell of our CBD-infused Banana Smoothie!

As a hybrid strain, this carefully mixed puree gives release from distress and worry without the sense of sedation. Banana Smoothie gives a mental satisfaction as you accomplish everyday responsibilities with efficiency. And If yourself are looking for rest and don’t want to use over the counter sleeping tablets then I DEEPLY suggest the Banana Smooth for you to relish!

Kurvana - Offers cannabis products to those who want it most. Kurvana assembled a proficient team led by Ph.D. scientists and engineers to produce the best full-spectrum extract technically attainable. Years of analysis led to the improvement of proprietary extraction method maximizes the plant’s phytochemical fingerprint. Now, Kurvana has obtained a firm supporter while anticipating by their initial values of innovation, integrity, and quality.

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