LINX Hypnos Zero & Gaia Vape Special



Bong Bag

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Vape or Dab

This bundle will get you the best of both ganja worlds. Linx makes efficient and stylish devices that are easy to use and function elegantly. We are throwing in over $65 worth of products for free when you double down on these LINX vapes!

The Gaia is a next generation vape that makes improvements over the standard handheld vape design. Using a hybrid heating process incoming air bypasses all electronic components and flows directly through the quartz chamber.

The Zero uses an all ceramic heating chamber with a uniquely designed ceramic plate, no coils to burn your oil, just even constant heat.The Hypnos also has four settings instead of the usual three temperature stages that other pens have, enabling you to get low temp, long-lasting hits from it.


    • 420 Wipes
    • Wax Wallet
    • Small Screw-Top jar
    • Titanium Keychain Dabber
    • Vatra smell proof Skunk Mr.Slick Pouch
    • 2 LINX Vapes


  • Includes Linx Hypnos Zero and Linx Gaia

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