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Liquid Ice Water Bong

Many Ice Bongs require you to drop ice into the neck however this innovative piece has ice IN the neck. A layer of fluid suspended in the body of this bong can be cooled to arctic temperatures in only 10 minutes, all you do is simply place the entire piece in the freezer!

The Bushmaster liquid ice bong is the latest innovation in ice cooling technology. The liquid contained in the shaft of the bong will go right down to 0°C without expansion, which means no more mess with ice notches or having to keep the freezer stocked with ice!

Innovative Ice-Cold Hits

This innovative ice bong has gotten rid of the necessity to keep a supply of ice cubes for additional cooling!

All you have to do is just pop the bong in the freezer for a mere 10 minutes (It's that quick!) and it's ready for use. The cooled liquid works with the beaker base to give you a nice, clean, and cool smoke.

Please Note: Do not leave the bong in the freezer for longer than 20 minutes as the liquid will expand at temperatures below -10°C.

Beaker Base Design

The beaker base bong is a classic and iconic design that offers greater stability and a larger reservoir of water for more a thorough filtration and cooling effect on your hits.

Exotic Design

This bong features an Australian-syle double-wide downpipe, allowing for bigger hits. It also features a lift-off bowl and carb that allows you to control the strength and intensity of your hits.

Available In A Range of Colors

This bong comes in a huge selection of different colors, purple, green, blue, and red; so you can choose the one that suits your personal style the best. Simply click on the drop-down box to select the one that's right for you.

Technical Specifications:

Brand Bushmaster
Height 271mm
Joint Female
Material Glass
Mouthpiece Straight

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